We don't just send a letter for you, we will act on your behalf by raising your complaint for you and do all the hard work of following it through to the end. You can be confident that your complaint is being dealt with by dispute experts. Not only do we have over 25 years of experience, we also have your best interests at heart, this will free up your time as we follow your instructions.


We offer a free consultation where you will be able to explain your issue and provide any evidence or details that will be important to us.




We will assess the issue in full and make a decision on the options available and agree the best approach to raising your complaint and seeking a satisfactory resolution. The assessment process includes investigating the other party and evaluating the correct contact point and obtaining details of the right person or persons to communicate your complaint to. We have a vast array of contacts and and techniques available to us to support in this part of the process. We will also estimate the approximate length of time it should take to resolve your issue and consider any legal points that are important to your case.




Once we have a detailed complaint structure process created that is tailored to your dispute, we will provide you with a fixed price quote to raise your complaint and complete the full resolution process on your behalf. We will aim to recover costs from the other party as part of your costs.



Once the contract has been agreed, we will begin the resolution process. We will make contact with the other party and continue communications whilst keeping you updated on the process throughout. We will constantly evaluate the process in order to ensure you are happy with the progress that is being made. There may be instances where site visits may be required, as me make every effort to resolve your issue.


Once a resolution has been agreed, the resolution process will be closed. Whilst we do not envisage you will be in a similar position again, if you do find yourself dealing with a dispute again, we will be pleased to support you again as we have done for so many others.


In the eventuality that your dispute is not resolved by us, we will provide you with a full report detailing all the steps that have been taken by us and will include all paperwork, evidence and correspondence, this will be beneficial if you decide you wish to take the matter to court. You can use this report as evidence of the steps you have taken to resolve the issue. This may be presented to the courts as your attempt to resolve the issue as courts can order parties to make attempts at resolution if you haven't already done so before pursuing litigation.


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