Civil and commercial mediation are broadly similar but have crucial differences. Civil cases are usually disputes between two parties who are people and commercial cases involve a dispute between businesses or companies or disputes where there is some sort of corporate involvement.

Examples of civil and commercial claims are:

  • Defamation

  • Negligence

  • Personal injury

  • Industrial accidents

  • Intellectual property claims

  • Contract breaches

  • Insurance disputes

  • Disputed partnership agreements

  • Director and shareholder disputes

  • Inheritance disputes

  • Civil disputes

  • Property

  • Landlord and tenant

  • Community disputes

  • Insolvency

  • Shareholder

  • Charities, their trustees and management, social enterprises and churches/ministries

  • RTA

  • Probate

This is not an exhaustive list as many disputes fit under civil and commercial.


Our experienced mediators will work with parties to facilitate an agreement that satisfies respective interests. This process is flexible, voluntary, confidential, provides greater control and all mediations are without prejudice.

Our mediation service can be used by anyone with a civil or commercial dispute and we are confident that this will be beneficial.