It is generally accepted that workplace mediation is conducted when there is an ongoing employment relationship and employment mediation is conducted when an employee has left the employer.



Disputes and conflicts in the workplace require a specific approach to ensure the working relationship is repaired. With this in mind, there are times when the relationship can become untenable and will require specific mediation techniques to get the best outcome for all involved.

In 2021 ACAS estimated that workplace conflict cost the UK economy £28.5 billion per year.

The impact is not only financial, it can include low moral, health deterioration, HR time consumption, loss of skilled employees, sabotage, damage and theft.

Presenteeism also has an impact on businesses as employees may be present however not performing at a level other than doing the bare minimum.

Dealing with conflict at an early stage can save time, money and stress for both employer and employees and can prevent the situation escalating.


Some of the issues that can cause conflict between individuals and groups at work include:

  • Unfair treatment

  • Unclear job roles

  • Poor communications

  • Poor work environment

  • Lack of equal opportunities

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Unresolved problems from the past

  • An increase in workload

  • Whistleblowing

Conflict in the workplace can lead to employees leaving or being dismissed and result in employment tribunal cases being raised against the employer.

The easiest way to avoid employment tribunal costs is to avoid a claim. If you have a situation that could end up in tribunal, it’s best to take expert advice. Consider engaging in employment mediation as this will allow the opportunity to settle the claim before it gets to the employment tribunal.

Our mediation is a process where a neutral and impartial third party mediator facilitates dialogue to help parties reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. The mediator assists the parties in identifying and articulating their own interests, priorities, needs and wishes to each other.

Workplace and employment mediation consists of an initial meeting with client/HR, pre meeting with stakeholders, the mediation consisting of open and private sessions and an agreed follow up after the mediation. We offer both half day and full day mediations to suit your requirements, (see our pricing page for more details on costs).

ACAS reported in 2021 that 5% of employees with workplace conflict took part in mediation. 75% of employees who took part in mediation said their conflict had been resolved. 

As mediation is so effective and financially beneficial, why do so many employers and employees not use mediation? It can be assumed that they are either not aware of mediation, have not considered it at the time, have no access to it or a lack of awareness of the extent of mediation.

Our workplace and employment mediation is affordable, flexible, voluntary, confidential, provides greater control and all mediations are without prejudice.

We are confident that our workplace and employment mediation will be of benefit to all who use our service. Do not hesitate, call us now for a free no obligation discussion.