Civil and commercial mediation are broadly similar but have crucial differences. Civil cases are usually disputes between two or more parties that are people. Commercial cases involve a dispute between businesses, companies or disputes where there is some sort of corporate involvement.



Civil and commercial disputes require a specific approach to encourage and facilitate an agreement that satisfies respective interests.

Examples of civil and commercial claims are:

  • Defamation

  • Negligence

  • Personal injury

  • Industrial accidents

  • Intellectual property claims

  • Contract breaches

  • Insurance disputes

  • Disputed partnership agreements

  • Director and shareholder disputes

  • Inheritance disputes

  • Civil disputes

  • Property

  • Landlord and tenant

  • Community disputes

  • Insolvency

  • Shareholder

  • Charities, their trustees and management, social enterprises and churches/ministries

  • RTA

  • Probate

This is not an exhaustive list as many disputes fit under civil and commercial.


These disputes will require an experienced mediator that will use specific mediation techniques to get the best outcome for all involved. An experienced mediator will also manage threats to the process (should they arise) whilst remaining neutral and impartial.

Mediating disputes is not only financial, it often involves relationship breakdowns that lead to low moral, health deterioration and sabotage, along with other damaging factors.

Confidentiality is a key part of mediation. All our mediations are confidential and without prejudice which is backed up by all participants entering a legally binding agreement before mediation proceeds agreeing that everything discussed in mediation will not be shared outside of the mediation. Mediation conversations cannot be used in court as evidence and therefore remain without prejudice.

If you have a situation that could end up in court, it’s best to take expert advice. Contact us to discuss engaging in mediation as this will allow the opportunity to settle the claim before it escalates further.

Dealing with conflict at an early stage can save time, money and stress for all parties and can prevent the situation escalating.

Our mediation is a process where a neutral and impartial third party mediator facilitates dialogue to help parties reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. The mediator assists the parties in identifying and articulating their own interests, priorities, needs and wishes to each other.

This will consists of an initial meeting privately with a mediator, the mediation consisting of open and private sessions and an agreed follow up after the mediation. We offer both half day and full day mediations to suit your requirements, (see our pricing page for more details on costs).

As mediation is so effective and financially beneficial, why do so many people not use mediation? It can be assumed that they are either not aware of mediation, have not considered it at the time, have no access to it or a lack of awareness of the extent of mediation.

Our civil and commercial mediation is affordable, flexible, voluntary, confidential, provides greater control and all mediations are without prejudice.

For further reassurance all our mediators have comprehensive mediation insurance cover.

We are confident that our civil and commercial mediation will be of benefit to all who use our service. Do not hesitate, call us now for a free no obligation discussion.