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Cases that have a value over £1,000,000 that require a full days mediation will be charged a fixed fee of £1,750 + VAT per party. The mediator will contact you to obtain the specifics of your case including details of your dispute, location for mediation and the number of parties involved. Important points to note are:


Case Preparation

Once the mediator has received all the relevant paperwork from all parties, this will form an important part of the mediation preparation. The mediation preparation including admin is included in the quoted fixed mediation costs.


Overtime charges

Full day mediation includes 7 hours of mediation at the fixed fee price. If parties agree for mediation to continue after this time, overtime will be charged at an hourly rate at £250 per hour + VAT. 



Location of the mediation will be agreed with the parties at a location that is local to the parties. The parties will be required to arrange the location however the mediator can arrange this at an additional cost. Mediation can also be conducted via video or telephone.



The agreed fixed costs will include the mediators reasonable travel expenses. This fixed cost provides clarity of the full payment without any hidden charges.


Payment terms

Payment for the mediation must be made in full at least 7 days before the agreed day of the mediation. If the mediation is arranged at a shorter notice than 7 days, full payment must be made on the date the agreement to mediate contract is signed.



Cancellations 7 days or more before agreed mediation date will incur full refund. Cancelations 3-6 days before agreed mediation date will incur a 50% charge. Cancellations up to 48 hours before the due mediation date will require the full cost of the mediation.

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London School of Mediation

Our mediators have been trained and accredited by the London School of Mediation.