A wide range of disputes can occur in the community. Community mediation is an ideal option available to assist with resolving these types of disputes. Examples of community disputes can be:


  • Disagreements between friends or neighbours 

  • Community parking disputes

  • Problems between different groups or interests within the community

  • Disagreements between parents and schools

  • Issues that have arisen within and between voluntary and community organisations

  • Disputes regarding environmental, development and planning issues


Dealing with community conflict at an early stage can save time, money and stress at a later date for all parties involved and can prevent the situation escalating further. 


When these types of dispute arise, we offer a mediation service that is can be quick and cost effective

This process is flexible, voluntary, confidential, provides greater control and all mediations are without prejudice.


We are confident that our community mediation will be of benefit to all who use our service.