If you have any concerns about the service provided by us or any of our mediators, please contact us in the first instance at with details of your concern or complaint and an explanation of what you would like to happen. 

We will address your concerns as soon as we reasonably can and discuss with you any issues which you wish to raise. If it is not possible to resolve matters by discussion, we will undertake to engage an independent mediator to help to address matters in a constructive way and to explore the most appropriate way to achieve a solution. 


David Stone Dispute Resolution Limited will seek to: 

o treat all complaints and concerns (both verbal and written) seriously and confidentially; 

o record all complaints and concerns; 

o resolve complaints and concerns promptly; and 

o learn from complaints and concerns and improve our service delivery as a result. 

We will acknowledge receipt of a concern or complaint within 7 working days and offer to discuss the matter with you. 

We will then investigate the concern or complaint thoroughly and carefully and will revert back in writing with a full and detailed response, usually within 14 working days. 

Should you not be satisfied with the response, you can appeal to the CMC on certain grounds.

Details of the CMC's appeal processes can be found here: