Workplace Mediation Specialists

Need help with a grievance?

If you need to resolve a grievance against a colleague, manager or employer, workplace mediation is an effective option that would allow control and closure.

Need help with a disciplinary?

If you are in the process of disciplinary action, you may not be prepared for this. It may take up a lot of time and you may be unsure of your rights. Workplace mediation can be an effective option.

Need help with  Employment tribunal?

If you are faced with employment tribunal proceedings as a claimant or respondent, you will be aware that this can be a lengthy and costly process. Workplace mediation is an effective option that would allow control and closure


About Us

David Stone Dispute Resolution is a provider of Workplace & Employment Mediation.

We have over 20 years experience in dispute resolution and have resolved disputes with many SME and large nationally recognised organisations.

We offer a tailored mediation approach as every case is unique and needs to be dealt with as such without any reduction in the quality of our service or professionalism.


Our mediation is affordable, flexible, voluntary, confidential, provides greater control and all mediations are without prejudice.

Our mediators are registered with Civil Mediation Council, International Mediation Institute qualified and fully trained and qualified with the London School of Mediation.

We offer face to face, online and telephone workplace mediation and will always seek to provide the most effective environment that is conducive to all parties involved.

Our mediation service is available anywhere in the UK.

For further assurance all our mediators have comprehensive mediation insurance cover.

We pride ourselves on being professional, confidential and reputable.


Once your case has been assessed, we will offer you a fixed price for our service. This price is the full fixed price for mediating your dispute for the full process with no hidden costs. Our service will include the following where required, administration, pre mediation meetings, site visits where required and calls made and received by ourselves and the agreed mediation.

What are you waiting for? Start your mediation process now!

For a free no obligation consultation call 0333 305 3357, use our 'contact us' page or email us at enquiries@dsdr.co.uk


Our mediators have been accredited by the London School of Mediation
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Our mediators are registered with the International Mediation Institute
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Our mediators are registered with the Civil Mediation Council
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