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Need help raising a complaint?

If you need to raise a complaint about an individual, a business, an employer, landlord or anyone else and would like a dispute expert with experience to act on your behalf, this is how our service would benefit you. 

Complaint has been raised against you?

If a complaint has been raised against you as an individual or your business, you may not be prepared for this. It may take up a lot of time and you may be unsure of your legal rights. That's where we can help and this is how our service would benefit you.

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If you wish to negotiate with another party, we provide a mediation service with an accredited independent civil and commercial or workplace mediator who will mediator with all parties to secure a settlement.


About Us

Many people have asked why our company is called David Stone Dispute Resolution and apart from the obvious fact that we support in the resolution of disputes, we found that a large number of disputes tended to involve large organisations against individuals, smaller entities or someone that is perceived to be at a disadvantage. This at times can give the impression of an imbalance in the way people are treated or portrayed. In many years of handling disputes, we have found this to be a common factor in a large number of cases and we believe that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of stature, disability, or any other characteristic.

This constantly reminds us of the well known underdog story of David and Goliath and the stone used to resolve that dispute. Whilst we do not condone stone throwing, we do believe in tactful resolution techniques reinforced with fairness and equality and we like to place ourselves in a position to support our clients whilst ensuring our approach is unique and built upon key professional principles. This is where we get the name David Stone.


We have over 25 years of experience resolving disputes for clients ranging from low value disputes to issues that have resulted in 6 figure settlements with organisations worth over £3.5b.

We offer a tailored resolution package that is affordable, flexible and provides greater control for you and your dispute anywhere in the UK.

In addition to our dispute resolution service, when we have disputes where all the parties are in agreement that they wish to find a solution but cannot agree a solution, we offer a tailored mediation service with accredited mediators. Our mediators are registered with the Civil Mediation Council, International Mediation Institute and all of our mediators have the appropriate mediation insurance cover. This means you do not need to go elsewhere, we can tend to all your dispute requirements.

We pride ourselves on being professional, confidential and reputable.


Once we agree to pursue your dispute, we will offer you a fixed price for our service. This price is the full fixed price for dealing with your dispute for the full process with no hidden costs. We will endevour to recover the full cost from the other party where appropriate as part of your costs. Our service will include the following where required, investigations including dispute assessment, written, and electronic communications sent and responded to, postage costs, site visits, written report and calls made and received by ourselves on your behalf.

You will be assigned a dispute resolution expert that will be your single point of contact and who will pursue your dispute on your behalf allowing you to relax while we take care of the dispute resolution process. We will update you regularly on the progress of the dispute and you can also contact us for updates if you feel the need. 

We will be with you during the process from the beginning until the matter is closed.


In the eventuality that your dispute is not resolved by us, we will provide you with a full report detailing all the steps that have been taken by us and will include all paperwork and correspondence, this will be beneficial if you decide you wish to take the matter to court. You can use this report as evidence of the steps you have taken to resolve the issue. This may be welcomed by the courts as your attempt to resolve the issue as courts can order parties to make attempts at resolution if you haven't already done so before pursuing litigation.

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Our mediators have been accredited by the London School of Mediation
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Our mediators are registered with the International Mediation Institute
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Our mediators are registered with the Civil Mediation Council
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